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    TMA launches #WEMAKE Campaign

    People drive by your company's building every day, and have no idea what's going on inside ... the Technology & Manufacturing Association wants to get the good word out through a month-long #WEMAKE campaign leading up to Manufacturing Day 2019. Here's what we're thinking ...   

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    Why the Progressive Income Tax Isn't Fair

    SCHAUMBURG - The Technology & Manufacturing Association based in Schaumburg Illinois is concerned about a proposal that will be on the state's 2020 General Election ballot - an effort called the "Fair Tax." 

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    TMA featured in new video series

    SCHAUMBURG - TMA members and their employees are featured in a new Lumen News Video series focused on manufacturing careers. The goal of the series is to open to high schoolers and non-manufacturers the vast array of careers they may consider investigating - careers that are often paid for by employers anxious to integrate a new generation of team members.   

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