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    How IoT can drive a productivity revolution in US manufacturing?

    How could the Internet stir a revolution US manufacturing? A story in Network World gives some ideas:  The Internet of Things, which has captured the attention of investors and futurist alike as it continues to reshape our markets and everyday lives, is now generating buzz around a new topic: manufacturing. Business and tech analyst are increasingly coming to realize the boon that the IoT can offer to U.S. manufacturing, a fact the wealthiest companies and savviest innovators are already exploiting.

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    Is there an app for that? Hultgren says, if not, make one

    CHICAGO - One Illinois Congressman has been matching efforts with his talk encouraging the next generation to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers. Congressman Randy Hultgren (IL-14) started a STEM Scholar program last year, and now he's encouraging 14th CD STEM students to participate in an exciting challenge to come make STEM apps for mobile, tablet or computers. If you know of a STEM-minded youngster, check out this opportunity ...

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    Father's sudden death prompts inspiring manufacturing recovery story

    Bales Metal Surface President Stacey Bales  DOWNERS GROVE - Manufacturers are a “bunch of MacGyvers” to Stacey Bales, president of Bales Metal Surface Solutions.  Manufacturers make up a unique group of creative, ingenious and determined folks with whom she loves working and being associated.  “Not only is it great to have people to work with every day like that, but it's nice to have a network of friends that are business owners and working with family,” she said.

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