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Monday, January 2, 2023

Online Steel Heat Treating

Start Date: 1/1/2023 12:54 PM CST
End Date: 1/2/2023 12:54 PM CST

Venue Name: Online Delivery

United States 

Organization Name: Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA)

TMA Education & Training
Email: education@tmaillinois.org
Phone: 847-825-1120

For design engineers, manufacturing engineers, quality engineers, sourcing specialists

Online Delivery
Time Commitment: 5 hours

This course is a good follow-up to basic metallurgy. This course teaches about common heat treating processes and how they are used to manipulate the microstructure of steels to obtain specific mechanical properties. Students will learn about the metallurgy of steel, the effects of heat treating temperature and cooling rate on microstructure and properties, and the effects of the interaction between heat treating process parameters and steel composition on steel microstructure and strength. The knowledge gained will help students address metallurgy decisions and problems related to steel alloy selection, process development, and supplier selection.
The course is divided into eight modules with a quiz after each module, including:

  • Introduction
  • Metallurgy of Steel
  • Steel Phase Diagram
  • Phase Transformations in Steel
  • Annealing and Normalizing
  • Through Hardening
  • Case Hardening
  • Surface Hardening

Cost: Dependent on length of subscription. Options range from $70 - $200.

After registering for the online class, TMA staff will contact you with an activation code and further instructions on how to access the class. Please allow up to 48 hours for the course activation code. 

CANCELLATION POLICY:  All cancellations will be assessed a $25 Cancellation Fee. Companies will be charged IN FULL if cancellations are not received in writing, by email (education@tmaillinois.org) or faxed (847-825-0041) before the activation code is used. It is the student's responsibility to complete the online course before its expiration. Failure to do so will not result in a refund of any kind.