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Supply Chain Challenges During Global Disruptions | Presentation HERE. Handout HERE.
Impact of COVID-19 on Your HR Policies | Documents HERE and HERE.
Understanding the Paycheck Protection Program | Presentation HERE. Audio HERE.
Getting Started with Sales & Ops Planning | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
IT Security in Unprecedented Times | Webinar: HERE. Presentation: HERE.
HR Peer Group: Challenges for Essential Businesses | Webinar HERE.
Keys to Manufacturing Success | Webinar HERE. Presentation HERE.
Post-COVID Series: Workers Compensation | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
2020 Economic Breakfast | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
Post-COVID Series: Legal Update | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
Post-COVID Series: Safety Plan | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
Adjusting Sales Strategies During COVID | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
Paycheck Protection Program Loan Spending & Forgiveness | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
2020 State of Manufacturing | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
Virtual Marketing | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
Best Practices for Leaders | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
Adjusting Long-Term Goals | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
Continuity Planning | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
Microsoft Teams 101 | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
Property Tax Assessment | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
Microsoft Teams 201 | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
Re-Opening Illinois & Wrap-Up of State Legislative Session | Recording HERE.
Manufacturing Compressed Air in the Manufacturing Environment | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
Improving Your Cash Position with Tax Credits for Manufacturers | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
What Defense Contractors Need to Know to Prepare for the CMMC | Recording
Grow Your Business With LinkedIn Marketing | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.
Digital Marketing Success Stories for Manufacturers | Recording HERE. Presentation HERE.


Return to Work Action Plan
In preparation for reopening your business and asking employees to come back to work, it’s imperative that your company thoughtfully constructs a return to work action plan for its employees to keep everyone healthy and safe following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Workforce Safety Kit

TMA member and endorsed service provider, Daniel & Henry Co., has assembled the various pieces of a manufacturers safety kit that you can download and modify to be specific to your company and operations.
How Clean Is Your Facility? Four Sources Of Contamination
How clean is your facility? That's the questions you should be asking yourself and your cleaning company regularly. But how can you tell whether you are maintaining a clean plant? Well, to start you should know there are four sources of contamination in a manufacturing plant. 


Your Reference Guide for LinkedIn Ads 
With so many posts and ads throughout LinkedIn, it can be difficult to decipher what’s actually an ad, and why ad placement on LinkedIn might benefit your company. Determining which ad type is right for your campaign begins with where your ad will show to your audience, the make-up of your messaging, and your ad objective.


2020 Annual State of Manufacturing Report
In a recent global survey of approximately 200 manufacturers, participants revealed a desire to realize the alluring promise of smart manufacturing. This study from Plex Systems, developed with the support of LNS Research, explores common manufacturing challenges alongside evolving technology solutions, with an eye toward creating a blueprint that helps companies successfully navigate and achieve business transformation.