Regular Members

Regular members are direct manufacturers who make and distribute parts and products. Among other companies, they include contract and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) companies, including allied service providers such as heat treating, plating, polishing, painting, and finishing.


3D Graphite & Machining
3D Industries, Inc.
A & C Mold Company, Inc.
A J Manufacturing Co., Inc.
A.J.R. Industries, Inc.
A.W. Enterprises, Inc.
A-1 Tool Corporation
Aallied Die Casting Co. of Illinois
Aaron Equipment Company
Aarstar Precision Grinding, Inc.
Abbey Metal Services, Inc.
ABET Industries Corp.
Able Barmilling & Mfg., Inc.
Able Die Casting Corp.
Able Electropolishing Co., Inc.
Able Metal Hose, Inc.
About Frames, Inc.
Abrasive West LLC
Abrasive-Form, Inc.
Absolute Industrial Fabricators, Inc.
Accurate Wire & Strip Forming, Inc.
Accushim, Inc.
ACD Group
Ace Machine & Tool, Inc.
Ace Metal Crafts
Ace Metal Spinning, Inc.
Acme Finishing, LLC
Acme Industrial Company
Acme Industries, Inc.
Acomtech Mold, Inc.
ACS Manufacturing
Ada Metal Products, Inc.
Adam Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc.
Advance Equipment Mfg., Co.
Advanced Joining Concepts, Inc.
Advanced Plastic Corp., Inc.
Advantage Precision Products, Inc.
AFC Machining Company
AFCO Products, Inc.
Aircraft Gear Corporation
Alanson Manufacturing LLC
Alliance Specialties & Laser Sales
All-Star Tool & Molds, Inc.
Allways Precision, Inc.
Alpha Products, Inc.
Alu-Bra Foundry, Inc.
AMD Industries, Inc.
American Grinding & Machine Co.
American Hoist & Manlift, Inc.
American Industrial Company
Amity Die & Stamping Co.
Amper Technologies, Inc.
Anchor Abrasives Company
Anderson Snow
Angel Equipment LLC
Angle Metal Mfg.
Angle Tool Works, Inc.
Anpec Industries, Inc.
APD-Tech, Inc.
Aptar Libertyville
Armin Tool & Manufacturing Co.
Aro Metal Stamping Company, Inc.
ART CNC Machining
Art Technologies, Inc.
ASK Power
Assurance Technologies, Inc.
AT Precision
ATF, Inc.
Atlantic Track and Turnout Co.
Atlas Tool Works, Inc.
Atomic Engineering Company
ATS Sortimat
Aurora Metals Division, LLC
Austin Tool & Die Co.
Automated Mfg. Solutions, Inc.
Automatic Anodizing Corp.
Automation Systems
Avanti Engineering, Inc.
Avers Machine & Mfg., Inc.
Aztec Plastic Company
B & R Grinding, Inc.
B A Die Mold, Inc.
B T M Industries, Inc.
Babbitting Service, Inc.
Bahr Tool Company
BalanStar Corporation
Bales Metal Surface Solutions
Baley Enterprises, Inc.
Barco Stamping Co.
Basic Crating & Packaging, Inc.
BBS Automation Chicago, Inc.
BCI Acrylic
Bel-Air Mfg., Inc.
Belden Machine Corp.
Beltone Electronics Corp.
Bergst Special Tools, Inc.
Best Jig-Grinding Service, Inc.
BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc.
Billco Corporation
Binder Tool, Inc.
Bingaman-Precision Metal Spinning Corp.
Bramic Industries, Inc.
Braun Mfg. Company, Inc.
Brennan Equipment - Little Giant Products
Bridgestone Company, Inc.
Bridgeview Machining
Brite-O-Matic Manufacturing, Inc.
Britt Industries, Inc.
Bronson & Bratton, Inc.
Brucher Machining, Inc.
Bryco Machine
Bulaw Welding & Engineering Co.
Burnex Corp.
Burt's Precision Machining
C & L Supreme
C. Cretors & Co.
C. H. Hanson Company
CAC Corporation
Caffero Tool & Manufacturing, Inc.
Camco Mfg., Div. of Camshop Ind., LLC
Camcraft, Inc.
Cameo Mold & Duplicating Corp.
Cap & Seal Company
CARR Machine & Tool, Inc.
Cast Products, Inc.
Central Molded Products Co.
Central Tool Specialties, Inc.
Century Metal Spinning Co.
Century Mold & Tool
Ceratizit Chicago, Inc.
CGI Automated Manufacturing
CGR Technologies, Inc.
Chicago Cutting Die Co.
Chicago Dryer Co.
Chicago Grinding & Machine Co.
Chicago Mold Engineering Co., Inc.
Chicago Powdered Metal Products Co.
Chicago Turnrite Co.
Chicago Waterjet, Inc.
Chirch Global Manufacturing, LLC
Chocolate Inspirations
Chucking Machine Products, Inc.
Circle Gear & Machine
Clad-Rex, LLC
Clipper Industries, Inc.
CLL Engineering, LLC
CMP Anodizing, Inc.
Coating Methods, Inc.
Columbia Metal Spinning Co.
Comet Die & Engraving Co.
Component Hardware
Component Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc.
Composite Cutter Technology
Con-Form Industries
Crafts Technology, Inc.
Craftsman Tool & Mold Co.
Creative Die Mold Corp.
CRW Finishing, Inc.
CSM Tube USA, Inc.
CTO Enterprises
Custom Mold Services
Custom Plastics, Inc.
D & S Wire, Inc.
D&W Fine Pack
D.W. Ram Corporation
Damen Carbide Tool Co.
Dayton Superior
DEC Tool Corporation
DeCardy Diecasting
DeCore Tool & Mfg., Inc.
DeKalb Iron & Metal LLC
Deltrol Fluid Products
Deluxe Stitcher Company
Dexter Magnetic Technologies, Inc.
DFM Tool Works
Diagrind, Inc.
Dial Tool Industries, Inc.
Diamond CNC
Dicke Safety Products
Diemasters Manufacturing, Inc.
Die-Mate Corporation
Dies Plus
Direct Automation, Inc.
Dixon Brass
Domeny Tool & Stamping Co.
Donson Machine Co.
Do-Rite Die & Engineering Co., Inc.
Dovee Manufacturing, Inc.
Dreisilker Electric Motors, Inc.
Driv-Lok, Inc.
Duall Precision
Dudek & Bock Spring Mfg. Co.
DuPage Machine Products, Inc.
DuPage Precision Products
Durable Mecco
Duratrack, Inc.
Duro-Chrome Industries, Inc.
Dynacast, Inc.
Dynamac, Inc.
Dynasty Mold Builders
E & F Tool Company
E & J Precision Machining, Inc.
E. J. Basler Company
E.J. Cady & Company
E.B. Bronson & Company, Inc.
ECS Corporation
Edmik, Inc.
Elba Tool Company, Inc.
Electri-Flex Company
Electro-Max, Inc.
Emerald Machine, Inc.
Endeavor Technologies, Inc.
Engineered Plastic Products Corp.
Engineered Plastics System, LLC
Engis Corporation
Entech Fabrications
Equinox Group
ER Wagner
Era Industries, Inc.
Era Tool & Mfg. Co.
Excel Spring & Stamping, Inc.
Ex-Cell Kaiser LLC
Extractor Corporation
F & S Engraving, Inc.
F.P.M. Heat Treating
Fabrik Molded Plastics
Fast Radius
Federal-Mogul, LLC - Sealing Systems
Federal Signal Corporation
Ford Tool & Machining Inc.
Forrest Bradshaw Industries
Formco Metal Products, Inc.
Formcraft Tool Company, Inc.
Forster Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc.
Fotofab LLC
Fox Valley Molding
FPE Automation
Frain Industries
Freudenberg Household Products
Frey & Weiss Precision Machining Inc.
Fusion OEM
G & M Manufacturing Corp.
G&Z Industries, Inc.
G.E. Mathis Co.
Gaim Engineering
Gall Machine Co., Inc.
Gallagher Corp.
Gardner Products, Inc.
Gates Washer & Mfg. Co.
Gatto Industrial Platers, Inc.
Gears & Sprockets Headquarters
Gemini Tool & Mfg., Inc.
General Precision Manufacturing LLC
Genesis Automation, Inc.
Gerhard Designing & Manufacturing, Inc.
Giant Finishing, Inc.
GL Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc.
GMT, Incorporated
GPM Manufacturing, Inc.
Graymills Corporation
Gregor Jonsson, Inc.
Grind Lap Services, Inc.
Grindal Company
Grundfos Pumps Corporation
GSC Punch Co.
Hagen Manufacturing, Inc.
Haimer USA, LLC
Harbor Mfg., Inc.
Harger, Inc.
Hartland Cutting Tools Inc.
Hattan Tool
Haumiller Engineering Company
Hausner Hard Chrome, Inc.
Headly Mfg. Co.
Heidenhain Corporation
Helander Metal Spinning Co.
Helm Tool Company, Inc.
Hennig Gasket & Seals, Inc.
Hi-Grade, LLC
HM Manufacturing, Inc.
HN Precision
Hommer Tool & Mfg., Inc.
HPL Stampings, Inc.
Hudapack Metal Treating of Illinois
Hudson Precision Products Company
Hydac Technology Corp.
iCONN Systems, LLC
I C Universal, Inc.
Ideal Carbide Die Co.
Illinois Broaching Company
Illinois Engraving & Mfg. Co.
Illinois Instruments, Inc.
Illinois Lock Company
Illinois Pulley & Gear
Image Industries Inc.
Imago Manufacturing
IMS Buhrke-Olson, LLC
Induction Heat Treating Corp.
Industrial Modern Pattern & Mold
Inland Die Casting Co.
Innovative Rack & Gear
Integrated Thermoforming Systems, Inc.
Interplex Daystar, Inc.
Inventive Mfg.
Ironwood Industries, Inc.
ITRON Corporation
ITW Fastex
ITW Shakeproof
J.F. Schroeder Company, Inc.
J-Systems, Inc.
JaMar Packaging
Janler Corporation
Jenco Metal Products, Inc.
JLO Metal Products Co.
John Crane, Inc.
Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co.
K & C Machining, Inc.
Kaman Tool Corp.
Keats Manufacturing Co.
Kenmode Precision Metal Stamping
Kenyeri Consulting LLC
Kiene Diesel Accessories, Inc.
Kier Mfg. Co.
Kinetic Design, Inc.
Kinney Electrical Mfg. Co.
Kitagawa-NorthTech, Inc.
Klein Tools, Inc.
Kohlert Mfg. Corp.
Kopp Welding & Laser Technology
Kormex Metal Craft/RRL Group
Koson Tool, Inc.
Kreis Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc.
KrisDee & Associates, Inc.
Krueger Steel
Kryder Wood Products, LLC
Krygier Design, Inc.
KSO Metalfab, Inc.
Kwalyti Tooling & Machinery
L.A.B. Equipment, Inc.
L.D. Redmer Screw Products, Inc.
LaFox Screw Products, Inc.
Lakeview Precision Machining
Lamination Specialties Corp.
Lane Tool & Mfg. Co.
Larsen Manufacturing, L.L.C.
Laser Precision
Laser Technologies, Inc.
Laystrom Manufacturing Company
Lewis Spring & Mfg. Co.
Lexco Cable
Liners Direct, Inc./BathWraps
Linx Global Mfg., LLC
Lion Tool & Die
Lockport Steel Fabricators, LLC
Louvers International
L-V Industries, Inc.
Lyndex-Nikken, Inc.
M & R Precision Machining, Inc.
M. J. Celco, Inc.
M. Lizen Manufacturing Company
M-1 Tool Works, Inc.
Machine Control Specialists, Inc.
Machined Concepts, LLC
Machining Systems Corp.
Made to Measure
Magnetic Inspection Lab, Inc.
Magnet-Shultz of America
Magnum Machining
MAH Machine Co., Inc.
Major Die & Engineering Co.
Manor Tool & Mfg. Co.
Marcres Mfg., Inc.
Marshall Mold, Inc.
Master Cut EDM
Master Spring & Wire Form Co.
Matrix Industrial Automation
Matrix Tooling, Inc. / Matrix Plastic Products
Mattson/Witt Precision Products, Inc.
Maxon Plastics, Inc.
MEA Inc.
Mechanical Engineering Products Co.
Mech-Tronics Corporation
Merit Screw Machine Products Co.
MET2Plastic, LLC
Metal Impact, LLC
Metals & Services Company
Metals Technology Corp.
Metalstamp, Inc.
Methode Electronics, Inc.
MGN Tool & Manufacturing Co. Inc. 
Micro Surface Corporation
Microtech Machine Co., Inc.
Midaco Corporation
Midwest EDM Specialties
Midwest Molding, Inc.
Midwest Tungsten Service, Inc.
Mighty Hook, Inc.
Millenia Products Group
Miller Formless
Mint Masters, Inc.
Modern Process Equipment
Moldtronics, Inc.
Monarch Tool & Die Co.
Monnett Precision Grinding
Mr. Tool Manufacturing, Inc.
MTH Tool Company, Inc.
MT Manufacturing
Multi Electric Mfg., Inc.
Murphy Machine Products, Inc.
M-Wave International, LLC
National Tool & Mfg. Co.
Natura Products, Inc.
Nelson Mfg.
Newko Tool & Engineering, Inc.
Nitrex, Inc.
NJC Machine Company
North Star Stamping & Tool, Inc.
Northern Precision Plastics
Nova-Tech Industries Inc.
Novation Industries
Nu-Way Industries, Inc.
NyproMold Chicago
Oakley Industrial Machinery, Inc.
Octavia Tool & Gage Co.
ODM Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc.
O'Hare Metal Products
Olin Brass
Olson Manufacturing, Inc.
Omega Manufacturing, Inc.
On Target Grinding & Mfg.
Optimas OE Solutions
Orbit Machining Company
Orion Industries
Otto Engineering, Inc.
P & L Screw Products, Inc.
P.M. Mold Company, Inc.
Palatine Welding Company
Panek Precision
Paragon Manufacturing, Inc.
Partners Manufacturing Inc.
Pat Mooney Saws
PBC Linear
PCR Machining, Inc.
PDQ Tool & Stamping Co.
Pecora Tool Service, Inc.
Pelco Tool & Mold, Inc.
PEP Wauconda
Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp.
Performance Gear Systems
Pfeifer Industries, LLC
Pinnacle Wire EDM, Inc.
Pioneer Service, Inc.
P-K Tool & Mfg. Co.
Plasmatreat USA
Plastamet, Inc.
Plaza Tool & Mold Co.
Pokorney Mfg. Co.
Polar Container Corporation
Power Plant Services
Prater Industries
Precise Machine Company
Precise Stamping
Precision Circuits, Inc.
Precision Forming & Stamping Co., Inc.
Precision Gage Co., Inc.
Precision Instruments, Inc.
Precision Machined Components
Precision Process Corporation
Precision Punch & Tooling
Precision Resource
Precision Service MTR, Inc.
Precision Stamping Products, Inc.
Precision Waterjet, Inc.
Precision Zone
Premier Metal Works, Inc.
Prikos & Becker, LLC
Principal Manufacturing Corp.
Pro Mold & Die
Productigear, Inc.
Productive Displays
Progressive Coating
Progressive Components
Prospect Products, Inc.
Pro-Tech Metal Specialties, Inc.
Prototypes Design & Production Inc.
Quadrant Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc.
Qualiseal Technology
Qualitek Manufacturing, Inc.
Quality Fabricators, Inc.
Quality Tool & Machine Co.
R & G Springs Company, Inc.
R & W Machine Div., Warner Ind., Inc.
Rackow Polymers
Radiad Manufacturing
RAMCEL Precision Stamping and Manufacturing LLC
Rand Jig Boring, Inc.
Rebco Machine Specialties, Inc.
Reliable Die Service, Inc.
Research Automation, Inc.
Rieke Office Interiors, Inc.
RIGHTech Fabrications
Ringspann Corporation
Riser Machine Corp.
R-K Press Brake Dies, Inc.
Robert C. Weisheit Co.
Roberts Swiss, Inc.
Rockfon LLC
Rockford Ball Screw
Rockford Quality Grinding, Inc.
Rogan Corporation
Rogers Precision Machining
Rohbi Enterprises, Inc.
Rolled Alloys
Rotating Equipment Specialists, LLC
Round Ground Metals, Inc.
Royal Die & Stamping Co., Inc.
RPS Products, Inc.
RTM Precision Machining
S. Himmelstein & Co.
S & S Hinge Company
S&C Electric Company
Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Inc.
Samson Roll Formed Products Co.
Saporito Finishing Co.
Savage Bros. Co.
SB Specialty Metals, LLC
Schleifring Medical Systems, LLC
Schmid Tool & Engr. Corp.
Schold Manufacturing LLC
Schultes Precision Mfg., Inc.
Scientific Metal Treating Co., Inc.
Scot Electrical Products
Scot Forge Co.
Scott Abbott Mfg. Co.
Security Locknut LLC
Sedwall Manufacturing Company
Sequoia Automatic, Inc.
Service Stampings Illinois, Inc.
SGM Precision
Share Machine, Inc.
Sieber Tool Engineering L. P.
Simmons Engineering Corporation
Simplex System Controls, Inc.
Simplomatic Mfg. Co., Inc.
SKF Aerospace Sealing Solutions
Sko-Die, Inc.
Sloan Valve Company
Smalley Steel Ring Company
SmalTec International, LLC
Smith & Richardson, Inc.
Solid Development Corporation
Solutions Manufacturing, Inc.
Spare Part Solutions, Inc.
Speco, Inc.
Spectra-Tech, Inc.
Spyco Industries, Inc.
Stanley Spring & Stamping Corporation
Star Die Molding, Inc.
Strange Engineering Co.
Suburban Industrial Tool & Mfg. Co.
Suburban Industries
Suburban Metalcraft, Inc.
Suncast Corp.
Superior Joining Technologies, Inc.
Sure-Crimp Connector Company
Sureway Tool & Engineering, Inc.
Surface Finishes
Sweet Manufacturing
Swiss Automation, Inc.
Swiss EDM Wirecut, Inc.
Swiss Precision Machining, Inc.
T/J Fabricators, Inc.
Tandem L.E. Inc.
Tauber Brothers Tool & Die Co.
Taurus Tool & Engineering Co., Inc.
Team Technologies Molding, Inc.
Tebots, Inc.
Tech Star Design & Mfg.
Tek Pak, Inc.
Tektac, Inc.
Tella Tool & Mfg. Co.
Tellenar, Inc.
Tempel Steel Company
Termax Corporation
The Gateway Cable Company
The Heim Group
The Innovation Machine
The Intec Group, Inc.
The Line Group Inc./Line Tool & Stamping
Three R Plastics, Inc.
Tibor Machine Products
Tigon Technologies
Titan Metals, Inc.
TLK Industries, Inc.
Tool-Masters Tool & Stamping, Inc.
Transformer Manufacturers, Inc.
TRICOR Systems, Inc.
Trinity Machined Products, Inc.
Tri-Par Die & Mold Corp.
Tri-Star Engineering, Inc.
Triton Industries, Inc.
TRO Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Tru-Grind, Inc.
Tru-Machine Company, Inc.
Tryson Metal Stampings & Mfg., Inc.
Tube Pierce Manufacturing, Inc.
Tuf-Tite, Inc.
Twinplex Manufacturing Co.
TWR Service Corp.
Ty Miles, Inc.
U.S. Minerals, Inc.
U.S.A. Drives, Inc.
Ultra Specialties
United Automation, Inc.
United Displaycraft
Universal Broaching, Inc.
Universal Die & Stampings, Inc.
V & F Transformer Corp.
V&L Red Devil Manufacturing, Inc.
V W Broaching Service, Inc.
Vale Industries, Inc.
Van Norman Molding Company
VEK Screw Machine Products, Inc.
Versatility Tool Works & Mfg.
Viking Awards, Inc.
Waltz Bros. Inc.
Ward Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Water Saver Faucet Company
Weber-Stephen Products Company
Weidenmiller Company
Weiler Engineering, Inc.
Weld Seam, Inc.
Wesco Machine & Tool, Inc.
Wickman Machine Tool, Inc.
Wiegel Tool Works, Inc.
William Dudek Mfg. Co.
William W. Meyer & Sons, Inc.
Winzeler Gear
Wireformers, Incorporated
Wood Brothers Steel Stamping Co.
Woodland Plastics Corp.
Woodward MPC, Inc.
Worth Steel & Machinery, Inc.
WS Hampshire, Inc.
Xact Wire EDM Corp. of Illinois
X-L Engineering Corp.
Yaskawa America, Inc. - Drives & Motion Division
ZD Custom Machining, Inc.
Zeman Manufacturing Co.

Associate Members

Any firm engaged in the business of providing services, equipment, machinery, or materials unique to companies that qualify as a TMA Regular Member and of a nature not normally performed by TMA Regular Members is an Associate Member. Associate Members are engaged primarily in warehousing, sales, and distribution, rather than in any manufacturing phase of metalworking or metal treatment.

520 Machinery Sales
Accurate Die Design, Inc./Logo Press
Aircraft Propeller Service, LLC
AKAT Scrap Metal, Inc.
All American Recycling
Alpha Metals Recycling
Alro Specialty Metals
B.L. Duke
Base Metals Group
Bethel New Life
BRAAS Company
Bradford Systems Corporation
C&R Scrap Iron & Metal LLC
Cembre, Inc.
Charles E. Larson & Sons
Cincinnati Tool Steel Company, Inc.
CLC Lubricants Co.
Colmar Industrial Supplies, LLC
Cozzi Recycling
DieQua Corporation
DMG Mori Seiki USA
Drill Rod & Tool Steels, Inc.
Dynamism Inc.
Ellison Technologies
Erowa Technology, Inc.
Fluid-Aire Dynamics, Inc
Gem Automation Company, Inc.
Genesis 1 Technology, LLC
Genius ERP
GF Machining Solutions
Global Shop Solutions
Globetec Group
Great Lakes Specialty Metals
Haas Factory Outlet
Hwacheon Machinery America
Innovate Technologies, Inc.
Job Shop 360
Keller-Heartt Co., Inc.
KGK International Corp.
L.G. Evans & Company
Lapham-Hickey Steel Corp.
Liberty Machinery Company
Matis, Inc.
Mazak Corporation
Metalloy Company, Inc.
Metals Asset Management
Metalworking Technologies, Ltd.
Midwest Industrial Metals Corp.
NSK America Corporation
Palatine High School
Quality Machine Tool Service
R & W America L.P.
R.R. Floody
Redline Metals, Inc.
Rolled Metal Products
Safer Foundation
Sandvik Coromant Company
Schmolz & Bickenbach USA
Scientific Control Laboratories, Inc.
Scott Stainless Steel
Shoptech Software
ShopWare, Inc.
Siemens Industry, Inc.
Sims Metal Management, Inc.
Sodick Inc.
Specialty Rolled Metals, LLC
Steiner Metalworking Solutions & Industrial Suppli
Tool King, Inc.
TopSolid USA
Tower Metalworking Fluids
Toyoda Machinery USA
Transor Filter USA
Triton College
TW Metals
U.S. Lubricants
Ultra Consultants
United Scrap Metal, Inc.
United Steel Group, Ltd.
Universal Scrap Metals, Inc.
Waubonsee Community College
Wintriss Controls Group
ZENGERS Industrial

Affiliate Members

Any proprietorship, partnership, or corporation engaged in the business of providing services, equipment, or material to TMA Regular Members and of a nature performed neither by TMA Regular nor Associate Members, is an Affiliate Member in the Association.

Air Services Company
AMark Consulting, LLC
American Commercial Bank & Trust
Architectural Building Solutions
Arco Machinery Movers LLC
Baker Tilly Capital, LLC
Bank of America - Schaumburg
Beanstalk CCW, LLC
BMO Harris Bank - Chicago
BMO Harris Bank - St. Charles
Brinks Gilson & Lione
Bronswick Benjamin P.C.
Bronswick Reicin Pollack, Ltd.
Byline Bank
Caber Hill Advisors
Catering With Elegance
Centrifuge Brand Marketing, Inc.
CenTrust Bank
CFO Simplified
Chalmers St.Consulting
Chatfield Group
Chuhak & Tecson P.C.
CJG Partners
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
Community Bank of Elmhurst
Community Bank of Willowbrook
Compass Logistics
Compressor Services
Continental Electrical Construction Co., LLC
Cook Alex Ltd.
COTG - A Xerox Company
CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC
Cushman and Wakefield
Custom Direct, Inc.
DeKind Computer Consultants
Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Detterbeck Johnson & Monsen
DHJJ-Digiovine Hnilo Jordan + Johnson Ltd.
Dillon & Nash, Ltd.
E-Quantum Consulting, LLC
ENGS Commercial Finance
EOS North America
Factory Fix
Fifth Third Bank
First American Bank
First American Equipment Finance
First Bank & Trust
First Midwest Bank - Highland
Fortress Data Management
FourGen Holdings, Inc.
GG4 Energy, LLC
Goldberg Heinze Business Advisors
Good Egg
Huntington Bank
Inland Bank & Trust - Oak Brook
Itasca Bank & Trust Co.
JPMorgan Chase Bank - Chicago
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Kopon Airdo, LLC, Attorneys at Law
Kyro Creative
Leaders Bank
Leading IT
Lesley A. Wallerstein, LLC
LMI Chicago, Inc.
Marketplace Chaplains
Max Electric LLC
Mazars USA LLP
McLaren Photographic LLC
Merchants & Manufacturers Bank
MG | Computer
Midwest Community Bank
Millennia Group, LLC
MLW Marketing, Inc.
Mother G
Mueller & Co., LLP
North Coast Capital Advisors, Ltd.
Northern Illinois University
OAI, Inc.
Omega Printing, Inc.

PGS - Performance Growth Solutions
Plante Moran
Plex Systems
Porte Brown
Positive Vision, Inc.
Precision Payroll of America, LLC
Prescient Solutions
Private Vista, LLC
Protected Flow Manufacturing
PW Commercial Real Estate
Raffin Construction
Rank Transportation, LLC
Rouse Contract Consultants
Roux Associates, Inc.
Sassetti, LLC
Schaumburg Business Association
Selden Fox, Ltd.
Signature Bank
Simple Machines Marketing
SMG Security Holdings LLC
SmithAmundsen LLC
Sterling Engineering
Strategic Financial Group
Strategy Titan LLC
The Donas Group
The Hornstein Law Office, P.C.
The Prinz Law Firm
The Sextant Company
Topel Forman, LLC
TopSpot Internet Marketing Solutions
Tsonis & Associates, LLC
Union National Bank
U.S. Bank
Utility Management Group, Inc.
Verde Energy Efficiency Experts
WEBIT Services, Inc.
Wells Fargo Commercial Banking
West Suburban Bank
Wintrust Commercial Banking
Wintrust/Schaumburg Bank & Trust Co., NA
Wipfli LLP