Membership Types

TMA Members range in size from one-person sole proprietorships to large multi-plant corporations. No matter what your size, you’ll find value in becoming a TMA member. Below is a breakdown of the different types of TMA memberships.

Regular Members

Regular members are direct manufacturers who make and distribute parts and products. Among other companies, they include contract and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) companies, including allied service providers such as heat treating, plating, polishing, painting, and finishing

Associate Members

Any firm engaged in the business of providing services, equipment, machinery, or materials unique to companies that qualify as a TMA Regular Member and of a nature not normally performed by TMA Regular Members is eligible for Associate Membership in the Association. Normally, the applicant is engaged primarily in warehousing, sales, and distribution, rather than in any manufacturing phase of metalworking or metal treatment.

Affiliate Members

Any proprietorship, partnership, or corporation engaged in the business of providing services, equipment, or material to companies that qualify as TMA Regular Members and of a nature performed neither by TMA Regular nor Associate Members, is eligible for Affiliate Membership in the Association. 

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