State Rep Halbrook says manufacturing key to Illinois' economic revival

SHELBYVILLE - State Rep Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville) is one of 10 Illinois House members that supported Illinois manufacturing issues 100% in the last General Assembly session. 

Halbrook, who first entered the House in 2012, says a healthy manufacturing segment is crucial to Illinois' economic recovery.

He told the Shelbyville Daily Union: 

“Illinois is losing one resident every 4.6 minutes and in 2016 alone, Illinois lost 114,000 people,” Halbrook said. “With fewer taxpayers here, the enormous tax burden in Illinois is being shared by a shrinking population. What will bring people back to Illinois is jobs and what will bring jobs to Illinois is manufacturing. We need to create a better business climate in Illinois and I look forward to continuing to work with Technology and Manufacturing Association to do just that.”

TMA looks forward to working with manufacturing-minded lawmakers, too.