What local small business owners are saying about tax reform

GRC Chairman Zach Mottl with Congressman Peter Roskam - Feb 2017 

BURR RIDGE - Chairman of Technology & Manufacturing Association's Government Relations Committee chairman  Zach Mottl is looking forward to a lower tax rate for his company, Atlas Tool and Die: “This is exactly what a small company like ours needs. Lower taxes means more money for me to invest in my company, and a simpler system means less money that I need to spend on accountants.”

DuPage County, IL – Across Illinois' 6th Congressional District, small business owners are weighing in on what tax reform means for their businesses, their employees and their families. Representative Peter Roskam (R-IL), Chairman of the Tax Policy Subcommittee, has been in the midst of designing the tax rate changes.

“We have taken a critical step towards putting more money into the pockets of Americans. As tax reform becomes a reality, I'm encouraged by the optimism and excitement of the small business owners throughout the district,” said Rep. Roskam.

Zach Mottl, Chief Alignment Officer at Atlas Tool and Die: “This is exactly what a small company like ours needs. Lower taxes means more money for me to invest in my company, and a simpler system means less money that I need to spend on accountants.”
Dave Hill, Superior Ambulance: “As a Chicagoland business we are thrilled to see tax reform move forward. These changes to the tax code will help us purchase more ambulances, hire more employees, and grow our business.”
John Carpenter, Choose DuPage:  “We are pleased to see the work of Congressman Roskam and others to improve our tax code. These changes are a big win for our middle class investors!”
Steve Romanelli, Core Pipe: “I am very much in support of this new tax reform bill.   Companies in the sixth district need tax reform to thrive.”
Mike McGrath, McGrath Lexus: “Yes, very strongly support tax reform, we are the ones being hurt by this current tax code, and we are being taxed to death.  We need tax reform, and this is the best path forward.  I am all for it.”
Troy Mertz, Gilberts Development: “Congressman Roskam's bold work to cut taxes for small businesses creates the capital we need to reinvest in our communities!  This once in a generation opportunity to lower taxes forces government to be more responsible with how they spend our money and puts reasonable restraint on future expenditures.”
Brad Stepson, Barrington Bank and Trust: “We've seen a lot of companies who are playing the ‘wait & see' game. Tax reform helps move business forward and helps them invest and hire more employee.”
Andrew Johnson, Graphic Packaging: “We really need this tax reform. Having a fair and balanced tax system is what helps businesses thrive.”
Doug McAllister, Douglas Automotive: “This tax reform is exactly the kind of thing we need to improve our business, purchase more equipment, and hire more employees. We are definitely taking a step in the right direction.”
David Dykstra, Wintrust Financial Corporation: “Tax reform would be tremendously beneficial to the economy, and most importantly, the American people. Our customers, both consumers and businesses, need lower taxes and a simpler tax system which will boost economic growth and create jobs. Most importantly our borrowers are telling us they need tax reform to happen soon so they have certainty in order to make informed plans and investments in their businesses. And our individual consumers need tax relief to bolster their savings and increase their purchasing power.”
Mary Johnson, Millennium Trust Company: “Millennium Trust's businesses support American retirement savings. We strongly support tax reform that increases the household income of middle-class families, encourages retirement savings, and increases the resources available for retirement.”
Colin Wickstrom, Wickstrom Ford: “As an auto dealer, tax reform would help us to keep growing our business, retain and hire more employee and invest in our company's future.”