iStock_000016832789MediumTMA Benefit Services, Inc. (TMA-BSI) is the only insurance agency in Illinois that is owned by the manufacturing community and that uses its profits to support services for manufacturers. As a full service insurance agency, TMA-BSI provides a full range of products and services from leading insurance carriers. Insurance options include Group Health, Life, Dental, Disability and Personal Insurance Products, as well as Property and Casualty insurance. TMA-BSI profits support the membership and the industry. If you are interested in learning more, visit their website at or please contact TMA-BSI at 847-825-1120.


The Daniel and Henry Co. is a partner of TMA-BSI, offering our members even more opportunities!  Through the partnership with TMA-BSI, their goal is to achieve a long-term relationship focused on bringing value to TMA members’ risk management and insurance programs. They are committed to utilizing their collective talent to support the members risk management and insurance goals. Their range of value-added services focuses on the manufacturing industry, delivering custom solutions for all of your risk management needs. Their promise is to learn all they can about your business so that they provide you with expert recommendations and solutions to minimize exposures. Their dedicated staff of professionals will also help you develop and implement safety programs to advance your safety culture to your entire workforce. Please contact Marc Alberico at 312-229-4329.